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A London-based Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters Club


  1. Seagulls Over London (“SOL”) has been set up to enable any football supporters of Brighton and Hove Albion (“BHA”) who live, work, or have connections in London to meet regularly in London to discuss matters of interest relating to BHA.

    At its 2020 AGM SOL additionally elected to become an Official Supporters’ Club of BHA.

    SOL has the right to use the name “Seagulls Over London (SOL)” whether or not it is an Official Supporters’ Club of BHA.

  2. The sound management of SOL is the responsibility of a Committee that includes the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Members appointed to these roles have to be proposed, seconded and voted for at an Annual General Meeting for which a quorum is 5 members and for which a simple majority is required to approve an appointment.

    The responsibilities of these roles are set out in Appendix 1.

  3. The main activities of SOL are:-

    • Inviting guests, including officials of BHA, to take part in meetings in order to communicate to members of SOL their role and experiences in respect of BHA, and to discuss same with members, answering questions.

    • Increasing the membership of SOL in support of BHA’s aim to continuously increase its fan base.

    The detailed activities of SOL are set out in Appendix 2.

  4. SOL members must respect confidentiality in respect of all matters covered at meetings and will not publicise any information on social media or through other means unless expressly authorised by SOL Committee members and the guest speaker(s).

  5. SOL charges an annual membership fee for the purpose of covering, for example, , the cost of venue hire or a guest speaker’s expenses when applicable The fee is reviewed and voted on at an Annual General Meeting each year with a simple majority of voting members being required to approve it.

  6. SOL transacts its financial matters through a bank account set up with Metro Bank with two signatories, only one of which is required to sign cheques or authorise electronic transfers.

  7. Changes to this Constitution have to be proposed by the SOL Committee and passed by a simple majority of members who vote, either by e-mail correspondence, at an Annual General Meeting, or at a Special Members’ Meeting.

Appendix 1

Roles of Main Official Positions on SOL’s Committee


  • To facilitate through the SOL committee the activities set out in Appendix 2 together with other activities added from time to time. Some of these activities may be handled directly by the Chairperson.
  • To ensure appropriate controls are in place for the sound administration and financial management of SOL, and that all activities are carried out ethically and in compliance with the law.
  • To build relationships with officials of BHA and guest speakers from outside BHA.
  • To promote respect and a warm welcome to all speakers, fellow members and guests during any activities carried out by SOL, taking all reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment for everyone.
  • To encourage the reporting to a Committee member of any behaviour that is not consistent with that expected in terms of the SOL constitution.


  • To take Minutes of SOL Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special Members’ Meetings.
  • To maintain records of the Meetings referred to above.
  • To arrange venues and required facilities for all SOL meetings.


  • To account for all income and outgo, and to prepare annual accounts for the Annual General Meeting.
  • To collect and bank members’ subscriptions and donations.
  • To maintain a list of paid-up members.

All Committee Members

  • To carry out duties and actions within agreed timescales, treating each other with respect and trust at all times, and promoting similarly responsible behaviour during any SOL activities at which they are present.

Appendix 2

The Activities of Seagulls Over London

  1. SOL arranges meetings for members every two to three months. The meetings are held in London (usually in a private room at the Sir Christopher Hatton in Hatton Garden) or are conducted online using a video conferencing service.
  2. The SOL Committee arranges for guest speakers, including officials of BHA, to address its meetings and to discuss matters relating to BHA. SOL members are encouraged to interact with speakers, showing respect to all speakers and others who are present at meetings.
  3. SOL publicises the meetings on the SOL website [], by e-mail to all members, by WhatsApp and, when applicable, on the BHA website and in the BHA matchday magazine.
  4. SOL arranges podcasts using the brand name Brighton Rock and makes these available on a range of media services provider platforms, including Spotify via the SOL website. Interviews and discussions are carried out with BHA personnel and other people in the football industry.
  5. SOL arranges social events.
  6. SOL runs an annual Premier League football prediction competition for the Paul Whelch Trophy.
  7. SOL attracts new members from supporters of BHA who live or work in and around London, and collects an annual membership fee from each one which is deposited in SOL’s current bank account. New members are required to complete an application form and a membership list is maintained. Attracting new members supports BHA’s aim to increase its fan base. Membership of SOL may be cancelled, by applying an acceptable process, for anyone who does not uphold the standards set out in this Constitution.
  8. SOL arranges for one of its members to represent SOL at APFSCIL (Association of Professional Football Supporters’ Clubs in London), for which there are monthly meetings.
  9. SOL makes a donation to Albion in the Community, BHA’s official charity, from time to time.
  10. SOL liaises with other BHA Official Supporters’ Clubs based in Sussex and beyond.
  11. The SOL Committee meets quarterly in London to make decisions (subject to a quorum of 3 Committee members) on all matters related to SOL’s activities, putting such decisions to a vote at an Annual General Meeting in July (or at a specially convened Special Members’ Meeting) where specified in this Constitution.